About Us

Hi!  I am Marsha Vacca, President of Vacca Associates.  I started my business in the late 1980’s after spending more than 10 years in developing and managing services for older adults, being an advocate for aging-related programs, and building one of the first comprehensive geriatric care programs for a hospital system. 

I saw the struggles and challenges faced by families and older adults, as well as the professionals serving them.  I understood that without someone who knew the ‘system’ and could advocate for quality care, and who came from the perspective of solving problems……families and their aging loved ones would not get the support and services they desired and deserved.

So, I formed my company and, along a number of highly skilled, knowledgeable and passionate professionals, have worked over the years to assist and support hundreds (thousands!) of families, older adults, caregivers and other professionals to ensure older adults and their loved ones receive quality care and help….regardless of the issue.

My team has over 120 years of experience, dedication and expertise in aging and health services, social services and public benefit programs, budgeting and finance, insurance and financial services, legal services, bookkeeping, home assessment and evaluation, care coordination…..and have done it with tears and laughter as we shower a lot of care and love on our clients.

And, did I mention, we have all been family caregivers??  So, we have been there…both personally and professionally! 

Vacca Associates is committed to you….our clients….and giving you the best of our experiences and finding solutions to concerns and issues you face as you give of yourselves to your loved ones.