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Here are some of the kinds of assistance we have provided to other families over the years (not enough to room to list them all!)

  • Comprehensive assessment of your home and property to determine accessibility and safety for both short-and-long-term needs

  • Coordination of timely bill paying and balancing financial accounts

  • Handling personal and business tasks while you are not able to do so (i.e. traveling, illness, surgery)

  • Soliciting quotes for various services

  • Coordination with other Professionals serving you and your family or loved one

  • Being an advocate with service providers

  • Elder Care support and assistance

  • Managing and navigating through paperwork such as Medicare and Medi-Cal Claims

  • Research on care options

  • Home and facility visits

  • Arrangements for respite care

  • Referrals to other services and programs

  • Companionship, Emotional Support and Reassurance

  • Overall planning for both short-and-long-term needs

Vacca Associates Family Checks ‘n Balances is here to assist you and your family with your individual needs, offering time-saving, peace-of-mind support and advocacy services.

Our team members have been family caregivers and…are aging themselves (yes, we are dealing with our own aging issues!)….so you know you will get tried and true, real life and real time help!!

And, we promise a ‘can do’ approach and a bit of humor for good measure from our team of qualified life-sharpened professionals that set a high standard in all they do.

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